After cementation of an all ceramic restoration this morning, my assistant mentioned to me how natural the new restoration looked. I agreed. Great job! We wanted to let you know that your hard work and attention to detail is very much appreciated by us.

Jeffery Brunson, DDS | Austin, TX

There is a good reason Oral Designs Dental Laboratory has been my choice for removable prosthetics for the past 20+ years. Oral Designs consistently delivers beautiful partials and full dentures that are well designed, fit perfectly, and most importantly, provide patient comfort and satisfaction.

Edward Castillon, DDS | San Antonio, TX

Our most recent award is Lab Management Today’s Crown Challenge. One of four winners out of 215 competing national labs, our PVCs achieved the highest points in occusal and interproximal contacts, anatomy, and marginal fit.

Oral Designs, your Ultra Thin Veneers are awesome! We were able to do very conservative preparations and seat the restorations without anesthetic. The marginal integrity is excellent and the veneers fit perfectly without relying on cement to fill in voids like other veneers on the market.

David Slaughter, DDS | Austin, TX

I’ve been Oral Designs exclusively for the past three years for all my cosmetic cases. I have had no problems with fit or designs and find the products to be a perfect aesthetic solution for my patients.

Michael Fuqua, DDS | Harlingen, TX

The #1 reason I use Oral Designs is esthetics. Great fit, excellent marginal adaptation, beautiful results with excellent strength.

Jesus Guerra, DDS | Mission, TX